Bray's mission is to be the premier provider of comprehensive commercial real estate services on the Western Slope. Our success is measured in the achievement of our customers' and clients' objectives, satisfaction and continued trust.


Bray Commercial has built its success on the Western Slope of Colorado for over 75 years. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge. With a constant presence in the business community and marketplace, we have an extensive database of clients and properties at our fingertips.

Bray Commercial is not just a team – we are family. Led by Robert Bray, our CEO, our dedicated commercial brokers are united by a singular mission: to be the premier provider of comprehensive commercial real estate services on the Western Slope. Our success is gauged by the satisfaction, objectives, and enduring trust of our clients. Specializing in commercial properties our team strives to set new benchmarks in commercial real estate excellence.

Partnering with the other Bray & Company Divisions, we offer a broad spectrum of services, ensuring that every client’s unique real estate needs are met with unparalleled expertise. From commercial sales and leasing to property management and investment opportunities, our specialists are equipped to guide you through every step of the real estate journey.

Bray Commercial Brokers
Sherman and Roxie Bray

Our History
Building Trust Since 1946

The story of Bray Real Estate began in 1946, in the heart of Grand Junction, Colorado. Founders Sherman and Roxie Bray established Bray and Company Real Estate on the bedrock of a simple handshake and a solemn promise: to earn the trust of our clients every day. This guiding principle has been the cornerstone of our business for over seven decades.

Through the years, Bray Real Estate has evolved, expanding its reach and expertise. Today, our Commercial Division stands tall as a leading authority in brokerage, development, and management in Colorado’s commercial real estate market. Our journey from a handshake to a heritage is a testament to our commitment to trust, integrity, and excellence.

Discover the Bray Real Estate Difference

What sets Bray apart is not just our history or services, but our approach to real estate. We believe in creating lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Our comprehensive range of services – from investment property analysis and leasing to development consulting and asset management – is delivered with a personal touch that is uniquely Bray.

Our specialists offer tailored solutions, providing opportunities in various fields and industries. With a diverse portfolio encompassing shopping centers, office buildings, apartment complexes, warehouses, and industrial properties, we pride ourselves on a reputation for robust sales, leasing, property management, and marketing strategies.

At Bray Real Estate, every transaction is crafted to benefit both buyer and seller, ensuring that our clients’ investments turn into lasting legacies. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our rich history and innovative approach, is what makes Bray Real Estate not just different, but better. Discover the Bray Real Estate Difference – where your real estate dreams become our mission.

Robert Bray

Robert Bray, CEO and President